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overtone singer, musician, composer, voice teacher, coach


curriculum vitae

After school, I first decided to pursue an artistic-musical career. I began to study music, founded a band and soon was on the road in all corners of my chosen home town Stuttgart, but also in many countries of the world to play concerts.
Later, I founded a label for recycling bags with my girlfriend and experienced an intensive time, during which I devoted myself to the creative, the craftsmanship as well as the commercial aspects of our small company.
Eventually I began to feel more and more the longing to see life from a larger perspective, to understand the connections better, to overcome my limitations.
I made my first groundbreaking experiences in courses on "Quantum Clearing (QC)", in meditation at the Institute for West-Eastern Wisdom by Willigis Jäger, in seminars by Robert Betz; I found inspiration in reading the books by Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Gina & Bodo Deletz.
Soon I came to know and appreciate "The Work(TM)" as a helpful path to knowledge and development, and was able to experience the transformative power in my own life. I deepened my knowledge by training with Ralf Heske as a coach for The Work and as a seminar leader. Almost simultaneously I discovered the versatile work of Harald Wessbecher. His extraordinary ideas and working methods - among other things about the level of the Lucid Dream - still inspire and motivate me today. Further impulses came from the suddenly budding enthusiasm for overtone singing, and the training in the master class with Wolfgang Saus. More and more I am beginning to feel how much the sound and the voice can connect us with the spiritual dimension; what a powerful potential there still is to be discovered. In free sound - without notes, without text, without guidelines and without concepts - we can come very close to our soul, and in the depth of the sound we can feel what cannot be expressed with words, thoughts and images. Finally, through overtone singing we can open up a new, magical dimension of our voice. And here the circle begins to close to my earlier musical career ... :-)

Education / qualifications:
- University of Music & Performing Arts Stuttgart
- Masterclass overtone singing and overtone singing pedagogy (Wolfgang Saus)
- private vocal studies with C. Schumacher (Heidelberg Opera)
- Coach for The Work (vtw)
- DES-Mentor (Academy for Essential Psychology)

Further training:
- Roy Hart Voice Work: Open Voice (Ulrik Barfod), Follow the Voice (Christiane Hommelsheim)
- Roy Hart Voice Work: Soundsinging your Humanimal (Noah Pikes), Bioenergetics & Voice (Nadine Rodilla)
- Touch your Voice, with Christian Zehnder and Marcel Wick
- Estill Voice Training - Level 1 & 2 (Institute Hype)
- Lichtenberg Institute for Applied Voice Physiology, Basic Seminar (Gisela Rohmert, M. Landzettel)
- Voice and self-regulation, as well as Improphysis(R) with Iris Hammermeister
- Soullight Training for spiritual healing and mediality (Stephan Geiger)
- Seminar leader training (Ralf Heske, Angela Bachfeld)
- Roy Hart Voice Work: Individual work and continuous voice group with Mechthild Hettich
- Quantum Clearing - QC (IKS)

Awards / prizes / scholarships:
- Scholarship holder of the Art Foundation Baden-Württemberg, 2002
- Gold record (2012, for the collaboration with Philipp Poisel)
- ISPO Brand New Award 2008

References: concerts - composition commissions - exhibitions - installations:
- Dt. Schiffahrtsmuseum Bremerhaven - Polar Weeks, composition commission & installation 2019/20
- Composition "Choral Study No. 3" for Europe Overtone Choir, world premiere 2019
- MOMA Museum of modern art, New York
- State Gallery Stuttgart
- University of Hohenheim, commissioned composition for the 200th anniversary
- State Museum for Art and Culture Münster
- Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt
- Art Gallery Bielefeld
- Weserburg Art Museum Bremen
- Museum Quarter Vienna
- Moods, Zurich
- ZKM/HfG Karlsruhe
- Commissioned composition for Expo2000 Hannover
- Continental Award
- Deutsche Telekom - Creativity workshop in Barcelona

- Styrian Autumn, Graz (AT)
- Smart Light, Sydney (OFF)
- Global Beats, Krotoszyn (PL)
- Camp, Lisbon (ES)
- I Light Marina Bay, Singapore (SNG)
- Glow, Eindhoven (NL)
- Luminale, Frankfurt
- Colour festival, Bauhaus Dessau
- Collision, London (UK)
- Trendelenburg, Gijon (ES)
- Camp Festival, Zagreb (HR)